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What makes CRM a must-have in any business?

What makes CRM a must-have in any business?

What is the need for CRM application? This is often a point of discussion among managers. It is considered as one of the valuable assets in any business. Depending on the industry, the need for the application will vary.

When you ask the question what is most valuable in a business? You may get mixed answers. However, one common answer from almost every facet of a firm will be getting more customers. It is the ultimate goal of any business.

Customers often tend to lose hope in between. They may want to switch to other locations or they move out of business or move on to other competitors in your niche. This loss of customer is because they may feel ignored at some point of time in business due to lack of interaction.

CRM vs Email and Address books:

Most of us are aware of the need for email and address book. While the former is a digital version of writing a letter, an address book is a flatter. Well, CRM is a combination of both these.

CRM is the abbreviation used for Customer Relationship Management. This application will facilitate you with better way of maintaining relationship with present and future customers. In a few ways, these email and address books already perform the same.

You can have your address book for the pile of all the contacts, whereas your email links can correlate all the messages. CRM actually does more than these. Messages from the same person, all the employees working in your team or those working in the project you are associated with in the other company, your team member who works close with his counterpart in your client’s team, etc are neatly compiled in one platform. You can see the big picture and easily know what to discuss during your next meet or through email.

Benefits of using CRM application:


Keeping track of all emails need not be a trouble anymore. You have CRM software for Sales People to pull out all interactions and sort them out based on teams or company. These sales follow-up tools aid you in giving clue about what to reply or follow-up with. You can use it as a better organized place where you can get connect with your customers.


You always have leads and deals prioritized on CRM applications and that is what makes it worthwhile, first of all. You can add the necessary information about the customer for using your product or service. You can simplify the steps.


You should also make human touch with your customers. Note down their birthday, designation, the dish they wanted during the dining you attended recently, and many others. All these customer-centric features are available on Sales CRM tools

B Soft System is one such company offering the Best CMR for Small Teams. All these sales efficiency CRM software tools are available for affordable rates. These are easy to use and user-friendly and that is what makes JB Soft an exceptional service provider in this niche.

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Tours and Travels companies benefit using JBCRM

Tours and Travels companies benefit using JBCRM

There’s nothing better than getting to spend quality time with your close friends and family in a picturesque location away from the din and chaos of urban life! And with so many travel blogs and websites available the user is in no dearth of options. This holiday season offer your online audience lucrative holiday packages and irresistible deals on your travelogue. As a budding entrepreneur getting the right exposure is essential for generating traffic and popularising your business. This is where marketing follow up systems like JBCRM solutions come into the picture, offering top quality services to both newbies and professionals.


This integrated marketing tool helps you increase your website reach thereby maximizing your profits considerably. JBCRM is known to provide smart market follow up strategies that add on to your travel website’s appeal, collecting leads that could become potential customers. Mentioned below are some features and benefits offered by this marketing software that would immensely benefit your holiday and hospitality business:

Easy to operate and use

The JBCRM offers a simple but dependable interface that is easy to operate and use. It doesn’t require any software installations or complicated coding; just a basic knowledge on computers is enough. 

Easy and effective communication to your leads can be done via JBCRM.

A good market follow up system like JBCRM also takes extra steps that ensure an increase in the audience base. It sends engaging mails informing prospective customers about the many holiday packages available. It even helps in maintaining a detailed list of all the CRM users, their followup data and any detailed information entered. All this data is kept strictly confidential, encrypted and password protected.

Flexibility of operation

This system works anywhere and on any operating systems. Be it local or international holiday packages, our comprehensive market follow up system covers it all! It collects and stores the travel information in a systematic order thereby simplifying data retrieval and helps you in your booking process. 

A reliable option, JBCRM is just what you need to enhance your marketing followup and attract travellers from all over the world!     

JBCRM for Home decor companies

JBCRM for Home decor companies

Getting a house is easy…the actual work starts when you have to decorate it, adding the little nuances that make it home. Home décor and interior designing has become a major field of business for many budding entrepreneurs. If you’re planning to provide home décor services to the customers, then JBCRM is your best friend, a marketing follow up software designed to enhance your website’s functional appeal.

The JBCRM market follow up system is based on SaaS model that saves a lot on cost and time, and also offer free web hosting services. A smart and reliable marketing solution, it even provides customizable domain connectivity at very reasonable rates. Read on to know more about JBCRM and the kind of services it offers:

Simple yet effective tool:

The user friendly interface and easy operation enhances productivity. The JBCRM marketing tool helps inform prospective customers about your home décor services via SMS and email. It helps you maintains a comprehensive list of clients and all the appointments you have to attend to. It even enhances the overall appeal of your website attracting a wider audience base.   

Easy operation:

The marketing follow up service works well for both small and medium scale enterprises. The smart SMS and email APIs improves interactivity and helps you get better feedback. Also you don’t need to be an expert in complex coding or scripting, the simple screens are easy to operate and use. No software installations or extra hardware systems required, you can easily access everything with just the click of the button! 

A dependable option:

From DIY home décor ideas to sophisticated furniture and show pieces, you can promote it all and use JBCRM to capture your lead base easily, with import and export tools. With an easy to use interface JBCRM can be a boon to business owners to followup effectively and bring in prospects and conversions.

The bottom line:     

This market follow up system offers simple and effective solution to manage the leads for home décor business, get in touch with us to know more!

JBCRM for interior designers

JBCRM for interior designers

The interiors of your abode and lifestyle choices can really affect you reputation in the society. Beautifully arranged sophisticated home décor not only looks impressive but enhances your social standing as well. This results in an increase in demand for interior designers and home décor firms that provide professional quality advice to clients. Now managing an interior décor business is no easy feat, you have to juggle different activities and multitask. Don’t worry; JBCRM got you covered!

A web based marketing follow up software, JBCRM offers budding entrepreneurs top quality solutions in advertising and brand promotion. Built on the SaaS model, this cost efficient and time saving solution provides free web hosting services; also domain names are available at pretty nominal rates. Browse through this guide to know about this marketing tool and how it would enhance your interior designing business.

Systematic reports and archives:

It helps you inform prospective customers about your services via SMS and Email connectivity, you get to know the interactions with the clients and get valuable feedback. It even maintains a comprehensive list of customers, catalogues of décor items, systematic reports concerning monetary transactions for easy access and retrieval of data.

Intuitive and Interactive interface:

The user friendly and simple interface can be used by anyone who has the basic knowledge about computers. No need for any coding, scripting or complicated software installations and external hardware devices, you get all the necessary tools on the screen itself. 

Simplicity of operation:

JBCRM marketing tool helps you arrange your catalogues on the basic of popularity and quality; you can display your strongest points to the customers. This system even creates reports on target markets where you décor services would be in demand. It even tracks the annual growth and sales records assisting you in fulfilling your goals. Other than reaching out to potential customers, JBCRM even helps in satisfying the current clients offering engaging content and lucrative deals. 

Flexible and dependable:     

An all-purpose marketing tool, it is perfect for amateurs who have no prior experience about CRMs can use the simple and user friendly tool. With flexible packages and affordable pricing, JBCRM helps you manage your leads and prospects with ease.

The bottom line:

Recommended by most web entrepreneurs, JBCRM is perfect for both short term and long lasting marketing solutions that assists you in managing the presales and post sales activities.

How JBCRM can help Pest control services businesses

How JBCRM can help Pest control services businesses

Gone are the days when you’d have to hire salesmen to promote pest control products roaming door to door trying to convince people to buy your services. Now you can build your own website online and get the customers with just a click! But only switching over to the virtual platform isn’t enough, with such intense competition it becomes necessary that you shine out among the crowd. A good marketing follow up system helps you achieve that.

JBCRM is a web based marketing follow up software that is based on the SaaS model, assisting both amateur and established businesses to promote their pest control business online. An affordable and time efficient system. Read on to know more about this marketing tool and how it can improve your pest control business:

Simplicity of operation:

The responsive and interactive interface is pretty easy to use and operate. You don’t have to be a software engineer or technical expert on coding and hardware installation, it only requires a basic knowledge on computers to use it. 

Easy management:

You get to interact with present and potential customers to know their views this valuable feedback is essential in formulating the future policies, and this interaction can be stored onto JBCRM to be reviewed at any stage. It organises your leads and customers based on your products, catagories or references for easy data management. This inventory of pest control products and customer information is well protected from the prying of hackers and viruses.

Multi user platform:

The cross platform compatibility and multi user interface makes JBCRM all the more productive. You can create and manage multiple accounts from your smartphone, laptop or any other device. This even helps in better communication and solidifying customer relations. The latest android app even offers quick and personalised pest control services to both local and outstation clients.

The bottom line: 

Offering easy, effective and long lasting marketing solutions to entrepreneurs, JBCRM marketing follow up is just what you need to grow your pest control business.

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JBCRM for renewable resources management companies

JBCRM for renewable resources management companies

With an unprecedented increase in pollution and depletion of natural resources, it won’t be a surprise if there comes a day when the world is out of coal, natural gas or other non-renewable biofuel. Currently these exhaustible natural resources are among the major power suppliers, but times are changing. Companies are now opting for eco-friendly technology and clean energy sources this is where renewable power sources such as hydraulic, wind and solar energy come into the picture. The sun is an everlasting source of life and light necessary for our existence, and solar cells involve converting this solar energy into electricity.

So if you have a solar power supply company or plan on setting up one, switching over to the online platform is a smart way to reach out to more people. JBCRM marketing follow up software is just the thing for you! This smart promotional tool helps you manage online traffic and gather a wider audience base. Read on to know more about JBCRM solutions and how it would enhance your business:

A reliable and convenient tool:

A simple yet interactive interface, JBCRM is very responsive in providing customised marketing solutions for your website. It doesn’t require extra software installations or any external hardware connectivity, nor do you have to be a master at coding to operate this tool. Just a basic knowledge about computers is enough. 

Hassle-free operation:

JBCRM offers a systematic approach in dealing with customers, the extensive market research and user preferences can really help you understand your audience. This leads to smooth and flexible advertising of solar panels that boosts the sales. This software even allows you to get valuable feedback from your customers for further improvement. 

Effective communication techniques:

It helps contacting the present and prospective customers and clients via email or SMSs, also JBCRM maintains a list of clients, their technical information as well as the stock inventory of solar panels, cells, and other equipment. It even publishes regular reports tracking the performance of your website highlighting the areas you need to improve on. 

Cross platform support:

JBCRM software runs smoothly on all devices and operating systems, with more advanced features in pipeline JBCRM is a rage among entrepreneurs for its simplicity in operation and top quality CRM support for personalised services, also the multi user functionality is an added perk. 

Try our JBCRM to make your business more customer centric and grow to the next level.

JBCRM for Computer repairs and services companies

JBCRM for Computer repairs and services companies

Do you own a computer repair and servicing business? With the advancement of technology the need for an efficient repair and maintenance service provider is stronger than ever. And as a newbie you need smart and effective ways to beat competitors in a saturated market. Setting up a website promoting your computer repair and maintenance service is just the first step. It sure gives you the much needed exposure but you need to channelize it smartly in order to maximize your profits. Having a reliable market follow up strategy helps you achieve that, something that successfully converts viewers to potential customers.

JBCRM is one such marketing follow up system known for providing practical solutions to both small and medium scale enterprises. A cost effective tool built on the SaaS model, it offers customers free web hosting services and domain connectivity at very nominal charges. Read on to know more about this amazing tool and how it would enhance your computer repair business:

Simple and user friendly:

This web based market follow up system with its easy interface and cross platform compatibility is perfect for new as well as established computer repair service providers. You don’t need any hardware or software installations, access the CRM services anytime anywhere! A high tech and well equipped tool, it has all the marketing data management functionalities to help make more sense of your customer data, transaction data, and data generated from all your marketing activities.

A dependable option:

As a newbie there’s loads to do, from managing the services and machines to the product promotion strategies you have to do it all yourself. The JBCRM software simplifies your job considerably. Its extensive database sends regular reminders for software upgradation to prospective customers, thereby increasing your sales. It also provides detailed reports on the nature of the technical issues frequently reported by users, helping you develop known error databases, and helping you create customized service plans.   

Multi user platform:

At JBCRM you can create and manage multiple accounts and projects easily. This leads to an increase in the audience base and better management of online traffic. It even supports multiple devices and operating systems for building customised packages. 

Glitch free operation:

You don’t have to be an expert to access this system, the user friendly interface and reliable customer support ensures glitch free operation. The systematic representation of data and an advanced SMS and email API integration further allows better connectivity and follow-up. You get to interact with and understand your customer better.

Get ahead of your competition and signup for our JBCRM service and start using it.

JBCRM for Builders and Construction companies

JBCRM for Builders and Construction companies

JBCRM at its core is designed to work with any industry, but it has specific data capturing fields that is purposeful for Builders and Construction companies, having worked with multiple companies in real-estate domain, we understand the pain points and have tailored JBCRM in such a way their primary concerns are addressed.

At JBCRM, we provide a simple and cost-effective way to help you achieve your target clients without the hassles of handling unstructured data related to potential leads or follow-ups. We have developed the perfect software that assists you in maintaining a well-optimized database that has a list of your contacts, potential follow-ups, and much more.

Interested? Well, read on to know the secret as to why builders and contractor agencies have benefited with the use of our software by generating better sales and increasing their overall profits.

What makes JBCRM so special when compared to other marketing follow-up systems?

When we developed JBCRM, we built it with a goal in mind, which was to double the sales while reducing our customers’ workload. We have achieved that with our Software as a Service (SAAS) model. JBCRM allows you to install a mobile application on your Android device, once you have entered your credentials, you are transferred through a secured and encrypted network to access all your data that have been stored. With this system in place, you never again have to lose a potential client by losing track of a particular follow-up.

Builder agencies have found our software features to be exemplary

The Multi-user access feature allows you to give access permissions to your staff, this enables them to log in to the software and find all the information related to your clients and leads. We have built the JBCRM software while keeping in mind the necessity of allowing individuals with basic computer knowledge to navigate through it. We also allow users to integrate SMS and emails into JBCRM to allow you to easily interact with your clients, you may even choose to send important updates directly.

JBCRM is the ultimate solution for all your customer relationship management

From adding contacts directly from your call lists to conveniently accessing your JBCRM app from anywhere across the globe, the freedom to manage your information is strictly under your control. JBCRM is not just for heavyweight contractors, it’s also catered for startup builder agencies that are looking for a way to solve their data management. Our prices are economical and you will never have to worry about additional charges for hosting, maintaining or activating, we believe in a No Hidden Cost model.

Allow us the opportunity, at JBCRM to develop your builder services into a far more successful business model.

How JBCM can help you manage your House Keeping Services leads

How JBCM can help you manage your House Keeping Services leads

As an owner of a housekeeping company, it could get rather complicated to keep track of your clients and leads without a proper system in place. In order to increase your sales with potential clients, you should follow up with a systematic process in place. That’s where we, at JBCM, come in and help you organize all your follow-ups into one neat system through the use of our software.

Our web-based and user-friendly software allows you to focus on your work without having to constantly monitor every single lead or follow-up that you come across.

Why choose us as your Marketing Follow-up system solution?

To elaborate further, we at JBCM believe in keeping things convenient for our customers. Our software requires basic computer knowledge to operate, this allows just about anyone to use our program. Our software is easily accessible at any time and practically at any place globally that has internet accessibility. 

What solutions do we provide to improve your House Keeping services?

We fully understand your need for an integrated database that stores all your data related to leads as well as your potential follow-ups. Our software not only stores all this into a neatly assigned database where you can access all your CRM information, but we also provide multi-user access by allowing you to assign privileges to your staff.

You can quickly add the information of a client in a matter of seconds and access this information at any time in the future. Our advanced follow-up feature allows the option of integrating SMS API and email API to ensure you are in constant touch with your valuable clientele without having to miss important messages.

More features and evolutionary concepts are coming up with our JBCRM application to make your lead management and sales process simplified and effective.

At JBCRM, we strive our best to providing you with an automated marketing process, while allowing you to freely concentrate on your business goals.